Saturday, June 21, 2008

Xbox Live Vision

Xbox Live Vision
I bought the XBL Vision Cam today and while I'm sure it will add new wrinkles of fun to games in the future, there are not a whole lot of compelling reasons to buy one right away.
It comes with the camera, an extra headset (why is that again?), 1 month of live and "Totem Ball", which was generously referred to as a "glorified tech demo" by Gamespot. Yay. You can't take pictures with it, except to send to someone or change your personal gamer pic. You can't record videos, so the functionality of video chat is limited to other people with the camera online at the same time as you are. How many are on yer friends list that you know? Exactly.
I wanted so now I'm stuck with it. I could return it but I'm waiting for the glorious day when I get to vid chat with RockCrawler and see that pink bow on top of his head in animation

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