Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anniversary Video

Anniversary Video
Last year, I wanted to do something special for my 6th wedding anniversary. I had in mind something a bit more elaborate but by the time I got around to it, this was the best I could do :

The video was created through a website called "" or something like that. They have a relationship with Tivo so that presentations stored online can be viewed on your TV.

By the way, the pictures are roughly speaking in time order, so that they go from oldest to newest from roughly 1997 - 2006.

The lighthouse that is featured prominently is on Kelleys Island, Ohio and is where I proposed to her.

Also, I should explain the wedding cake picture. This is the "she feeds you the first piece of cake and then vice versa" part of the reception. Well, I told her - "if you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you". Well, she mashed it into my face and hence my expression of "here it comes" in that pic.

The picture where the dog is guarding the rawhide bone - that's not his. He stole that from a Border Collie that was triple his size and was guarding it ferociously. The Border Collie was not pleased, but tolerated him because he's cute. He was maybe 7 lbs at the time of that picture. He grew up to over 40 lbs.

The first picture of my wife in the hospital bed is the very first time she got to hold our daughter and I got to hand her over. That was a special moment. That was also when we named her. My wife and I had a list of names for our daughter (the same one that went to school for the first time this week) and I really wanted to name her Kelley. We sort of knew we were having a girl from the ultrasounds even though we had asked the doctors not to tell us. But, I was afraid of picking that exact moment to be selfish about naming her, so I suggested a different name (I think it was Stephanie but I can't remember). In a surprise response, my wife said "I think she looks like a Kelley." And the rest is history.

The picture where Kelley is giving her daddy a hug was not staged at all. I was holding her in that rocking chair and as she fell asleep, her arms drifted down my sides, making it look like she was giving me a hug. I asked my wife to take that pic.

The pic of me and Kelley on the brown chair was taken for a homemade first Mother's Day card for my wife. Kelley was a month old.

Later on, you see Kelley's first dilly bar and my son showing a bit more of himself than I originally thought when I first took that pic. Sorry about that. I thought my son looked very much like Marlon Brando when he was first born. Last but not least, there's a picture of a candlelight dinner I prepared for my wife on a weekend where the kids went to Grandma's and a family photo which is very hard because my son hates posing for pictures.

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