Saturday, June 21, 2008

Comic-Con 2007

Comic-Con 2007
ok, first I need to complain a little bit (as I usually do).
WTF does Star Trek have to do with Comics? Battlestar Galactica? Why does Star Wars get its own DAY at Comic-Con? What's next - are we going to see movies like HairSpray at ComicCon? (ugh) There are so many things at Comic Con which have absolutely no remote connection to comic books whatsoever. Why don't they just call it Geek Entertainment Extravaganza 2007. GEE! (ugh)
Ok, with that behind us, let's recognize and celebrate Comic-Con as a fesitval of all things geek, and not confined to the world of comic books. There, I feel better already.
Beowulf - yowzas. I can't decide if this movie is going to be like a kindergartner's version of 300, or a really adult version of Teletubbies. In case you haven't heard, Robert Zemeckis (of Back to the Future fame) is making this movie in a similar fashion to The Polar Express (100% mocap CGI, nothing is "real"). I've also read that they are filming a version with no curse words and edited down violence in an attempt to make this a more accessible picture. That's too bad because the thought of Angelina Jolie as an animal doing naughty things is a tasty one indeed (Bad JRo, Bad JRo)
The Dark Knight - although little has been revealed about Batman 6 as of this posting, I am super excited about this film because I have been watching the film crews all summer toil on the streets of Chicago and for as many downtown places as they have been, I am thinking that my city will be featured prominently in the film, but probably not in a way you would recognize it. Supposedly, they are shutting down LaSalle Street this weekend to film scenes and there's going to be a helicopter downtown as well. Cool!
DC's mystery countdown - saw this on E3 that DC is counting down to some super huge ridiculous announcement which everyone assumes that it means someone major is going to die. (yawn) next.
Iron Man - I'm not a big Iron Man fan - I think I may have watched 5 min of an Iron Man cartoon on TV but that's about it. However, I just can't help but be taken in by Jon Favreau's (director, also starred on Friends briefly as Monica's megarich boyfriend) enthusiasm for his project. If even half of that enthusiasm makes it into the pic, this thing could be a real winner!
Indy 4 - So Karen Allen is back. That's kinda cool - I can get into it. She said something about a "family" in her lil schpiel so that begs the question, Is Indy a daddy?
OCT - reminds me a LOT of Sin City. nuff said.
Blade Runner - (jumping up and down like a little school girl) yay! yay! yay! yay! So finally, I can have my original theatrical release back that I actually prefer to the director's cut and the director's cut AND a NEW FINAL CUT all in a sick super box set that looks like Deckard's briefcase AND it's going to available in BOTH hi-def formats!!!! I think they call that a "geek-gasm". Sorry if any got on ya...
Cloverfield - I just have no clue what this is about. Anyone wanna help me out?

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