Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Non-Gamer Spouse

The Non-Gamer Spouse
How many of you have spouses that won't touch video games with a ten foot pole?

I had one of those, but I think I'm breaking her down. For the last two nights, she has booted up Burnout : Takedown to play some Crash mode. She finished the game back in early 2004, but she's playing it again for nostalgia I guess. Anyways, she was having a really rough time with one of the early maps where you have to T-Bone the gas truck and then somehow make it across to block the traffic going the other way.

Well, she just couldn't get to $295k to get the gold, so I asked her to give me the controller. At first, she gave me a look of total disgust and then she finally handed it over. I promptly made two runs where I completely missed the gas truck and ended up with less than $100k. I handed her the controller back and went to bed.

Talk about embarassing.

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