Saturday, June 21, 2008

Birthday BOY!

Birthday BOY!

Last night, we held a small birthday party for my son.

This party serves 2 purposes :

1) it gives momma a chance to practice the cake she's going to make for the big party next weekend and

2) it honors the actual day of his birth, whereas the actual party will frequently not do so due to its conflict with our wedding anniversary (we got married first so we take priority).

After a mild panic trying to find the camera, we got down to some singing :

Make a wish, big guy!

Yay!!! He blew out all the candles!

Momma's Masterpiece (with the help of a molded cake pan) :

Cake for everybody!

There is something truly special about watching very young boys eat cake.

Follow the progression with me here :

Ok, fork into the cake as we hold it up with our fingers for stability :

Fork into the mouth with cake! Success!

But you know what? Fingers just work better!

Birthday Presents!!!

Duckie Soap from sister!

Go Bears! Go Bears!

a TRAIN! (This was the undisputed champion present this year.)

Silliness with bows :

MATER! Mater, or "Tow Mater", is a character from the movie Cars for those who don't know and is Matthew's favorite.

Then, we proceeded to get down to some unboxing (which means cutting or removing about 30,000 twist ties) and playing with our new toys!

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