Saturday, June 21, 2008

Halo 3 RULEZ!

Halo 3 RULEZ!
I played Halo3 campaign for a little over two hours getting to the trailer from E3 2006, and I feel like the two guys from A Night at the Roxbury after they make love to their girlfriends for the first time.

OMG! That was so AWESOME! That was the BEST THING EVAR! WOW!

Yah, it was that good for me. Have to say that the Gravity Hammer is my new favorite weapon. That thing is visceral and so powerful - when you whip it around, it just FEELS AWESOME.

Without giving too much away, I like the various interruptions by Cortana throughout the game. It gives the game a depth in story and character that the previous chapters didn't have too much of.

I'm also happy that they seem to be cutting and splicing my favorite music sequences in from the first two games. I have to say I haven't heard too much original music yet in-game. And I think that's a good thing. It gives the fighting sequences an emotional anchor.

The graphics have been tuned CONSIDERABLY since the Beta. The one thing that can be a little annoying is that the Brutes go from fully armored to almost naked in a single shot. I also feel like I'm missing something not fighting the Elites.

Oh and the chopper (the Brute ghost) is one sweet piece of action too.

I'm not sure what the gaming reviews are bitching about with the story complaints. It seems pretty damn good so far. A hell of a lot better than Gears of War which actually got better review on some websites.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to finishing the fight hopefully this weekend!

(Please do not post spoilers in the comments - thanks!)

Halo 3 is MINE ALL MINE!!!

Halo 3 is MINE ALL MINE!!!
So I left home 20 minutes early to stop by Wal-Mart on the way to work and HEY! what do ya know! they opened a GameStop in my 'hood. Cool.

Okay, Focus!

Walk into Wal-Mart, check my fly, holy crap, it's a stampede out of the barn! Zip up and keep moving!

Get to the video game war chest and look around for Legendary units. None. Which is a good thing because I'm pretty sure my wife would have castrated me with bricks if I came home with one of those.

They have LE's and standard editions. One problem, there is NO ONE around with a key to open this door. I am racing up and down the aisles, DESPARATELY looking for the guy with the key - NOWHERE to be seen. Finally, some guy wearing work gloves come singing to himself around the corner.

"HEY YOU! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!" - I thought it - I didn't say it.

"Excuse me, sir? Do you have a key to this cabinet?" Weak Sauce, I know.

He takes the game and walks me up to the front of the store. There are FIVE registers open, FOUR OF THEM HAVE NO LINE. Anyone wanna guess which register I got checked out at? THAT'S RIGHT! The one with the line.

TWO EXCRUCIATING MINUTES LATER, the lady rings me up and asks me if I'm over 17. I whip out my driver's license like Master Chief whips out his magnum. She told me they actually turned away two youngsters early early in the morning who tried to buy the game. I commended her for keeping us all safe from the timmies. Okay, I didn't say Timmies.

And then.... with tears welling up in my eyes... she handed Master Chief to me... in a little white bag. Knowing that these little white bags can cause suffocation, I immediately removed the Master Chief from the bag and headed back to my car.

Once on board my train to work, I gently peeled the plastic off Master Chief and opened him ever so gently and... - SWEEEEEET! there's a POSTER INSIDE! WOO HOO!!! That's what my wife gets for not letting me order the 4' wall graphic from Circuit City!

The train pulled into my stop before I could finish savoring the manual, and as I closed the box, I think Master Chief winked at me as if to say, "We can spend some more intimate quality time together later".

I miss you already, Master Chief, but we'll be together soon.



JRo IS the Master Chief

JRo IS the Master Chief

Am I ready? I AM READY!!!

halo3instructionmanualcoveredit.jpg picture by JRock3x8

Birthday BOY!

Birthday BOY!

Last night, we held a small birthday party for my son.

This party serves 2 purposes :

1) it gives momma a chance to practice the cake she's going to make for the big party next weekend and

2) it honors the actual day of his birth, whereas the actual party will frequently not do so due to its conflict with our wedding anniversary (we got married first so we take priority).

After a mild panic trying to find the camera, we got down to some singing :

Make a wish, big guy!

Yay!!! He blew out all the candles!

Momma's Masterpiece (with the help of a molded cake pan) :

Cake for everybody!

There is something truly special about watching very young boys eat cake.

Follow the progression with me here :

Ok, fork into the cake as we hold it up with our fingers for stability :

Fork into the mouth with cake! Success!

But you know what? Fingers just work better!

Birthday Presents!!!

Duckie Soap from sister!

Go Bears! Go Bears!

a TRAIN! (This was the undisputed champion present this year.)

Silliness with bows :

MATER! Mater, or "Tow Mater", is a character from the movie Cars for those who don't know and is Matthew's favorite.

Then, we proceeded to get down to some unboxing (which means cutting or removing about 30,000 twist ties) and playing with our new toys!


This morning I felt and became convicted.

I was listening to CS Lewis' Mere Christianity and at the very end of the book, he's rattling off a list of sins (as an alternative to giving our lives over to Christ) and one of them (I won't say which for fear of embarassment) just struck me in the face. I almost stopped dead in my tracks as I was walking to work. I felt like God was talking through CS Lewis straight to me. As if to say "I know what you're thinking and you must stop." I literally had to play that section of the book over again because I thought I had made it up in my head.

I felt at once like a man who had been convicted of a crime, but then I realized my conviction need not be a totally negative thing. God had called me out on the carpet for something that I had done, and the conviction serves also as a turning point, not merely a condemnation. The conviction also strengthened by belief in God, and I think you can start to see the double meaning here as my convictions in Christ were strengthened by my conviction of my sin.

It was a strange moment, but I'm glad it happened.

Sunday Reflections : Capitulation

Sunday Reflections : Capitulation
Since this is not a word used in everyday english, let's pay a visit to Merriam Webster, shall we?

Main Entry: ca·pit·u·la·tion
Pronunciation: k&-"pi-ch&-'lA-sh&n
Function: noun
1 : a set of terms or articles constituting an agreement between governments
2 a : the act of surrendering or yielding b : the terms of surrender

It is this second definition that I would like to focus on. Capitulation is the point where all of your past mistakes and triumphs come into sharp focus. The point of surrender need not be a bad thing - the capitulation of Jesus Christ to sin was the start of the most glorious event in the history of mankind.

I have often wondered aloud about the power of capitulation. Stock Markets inevitable rally after sharp corrections. Stories of people's lives being turned around by a close call (whether it be due to conflict or illness) are many.

Our church's 4 year bible reading program is currently going through the first psalms. We are currently about at the point where David changes from a well respected and powerful prince-like official in Saul's Jewish kingdom and is suddenly exiled. In my reading, David is afraid during the transition - going from a person of power to a person in exile. But what strikes me is David's reawakening to God during his exile. He proclaims that God will not forget him, even in his grave.

Our pastor spoke last night that transition - change - is painful. And can I ever testify to that. Since December of last year at work we have feared for our jobs, at first from downsizing and now due to a pending acquisition of the company. I just really want that capitulation right now. I feel like someone who has not slept for days, nervous and frayed at the edges. And yet I maintain my commitment, my promise to God that I will not forget my faith as I look for the exit in all of this.

God Bless You All. Have a Great Week.

PS3 vs 360 - Sound

PS3 vs 360 - Sound
Probably the championship feature of the PS3 is that it is really really quiet!

The lack of fan noise is both welcome and a blessed change from the 360. What is it with MS and noisy consoles? My old XBox was horribly loud.