Saturday, June 21, 2008

Halo 3 is MINE ALL MINE!!!

Halo 3 is MINE ALL MINE!!!
So I left home 20 minutes early to stop by Wal-Mart on the way to work and HEY! what do ya know! they opened a GameStop in my 'hood. Cool.

Okay, Focus!

Walk into Wal-Mart, check my fly, holy crap, it's a stampede out of the barn! Zip up and keep moving!

Get to the video game war chest and look around for Legendary units. None. Which is a good thing because I'm pretty sure my wife would have castrated me with bricks if I came home with one of those.

They have LE's and standard editions. One problem, there is NO ONE around with a key to open this door. I am racing up and down the aisles, DESPARATELY looking for the guy with the key - NOWHERE to be seen. Finally, some guy wearing work gloves come singing to himself around the corner.

"HEY YOU! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!" - I thought it - I didn't say it.

"Excuse me, sir? Do you have a key to this cabinet?" Weak Sauce, I know.

He takes the game and walks me up to the front of the store. There are FIVE registers open, FOUR OF THEM HAVE NO LINE. Anyone wanna guess which register I got checked out at? THAT'S RIGHT! The one with the line.

TWO EXCRUCIATING MINUTES LATER, the lady rings me up and asks me if I'm over 17. I whip out my driver's license like Master Chief whips out his magnum. She told me they actually turned away two youngsters early early in the morning who tried to buy the game. I commended her for keeping us all safe from the timmies. Okay, I didn't say Timmies.

And then.... with tears welling up in my eyes... she handed Master Chief to me... in a little white bag. Knowing that these little white bags can cause suffocation, I immediately removed the Master Chief from the bag and headed back to my car.

Once on board my train to work, I gently peeled the plastic off Master Chief and opened him ever so gently and... - SWEEEEEET! there's a POSTER INSIDE! WOO HOO!!! That's what my wife gets for not letting me order the 4' wall graphic from Circuit City!

The train pulled into my stop before I could finish savoring the manual, and as I closed the box, I think Master Chief winked at me as if to say, "We can spend some more intimate quality time together later".

I miss you already, Master Chief, but we'll be together soon.



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