Saturday, June 21, 2008


Job - The job life is really tough these days. For those of you who don't know, I'm scheduled to be unemployed in the next six months due to an acquisition. They would probably offer me a job but I would most likely have to move out of state and I'm still in love with Sweet Home Chicago. The other part is that I'm doing a lot of accounting work and I'm a finance guy. To most people that's splitting hairs, but trust me accounting and finance can be quite different.

Super Huge Sunglasses - What is up with the trend in Suglasses lately? Finally, when I had JUST gotten used to the small lens concept that was reinvigorated in the 90's...NOW I have to go back to Captain Ridiculous? Ugh...

Halo - I'm actively avoiding Halo spoilers so when I read the title of a certain 360Fanboy blog yesterday, I became quite pissed. I won't go into any further details but now I'm worried that I'll have to stop reading gamer blogs until Halo comes out. Grrr...

It is hot, hot, HOT in downtown Chicago today. Wow, what a scorcher. Of course the presence of the river and the lake definitely alleviates some of the heat.

Have a great day - I'm just bummin' today.

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