Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Day of School

First Day of School

This is a story of a father's pain. I took my little girl to school today and I realized she's not a little girl anymore. I had known this day was coming for months, well technically for years since she was born, but I had denied it. I refused to admit to myself that my little princess was growing up. Well today, it hit me. She's not my little baby anymore. She's a big girl.

My Baby Girl ~6-12 Hours after birth :

kelleyingrammadonnasarms4.jpg Kelley picture by JRock3x8

My wife's mother joined us for this historic event and it's a good thing because her camera shots were better than mine. My wife helped her pick out a fabulous red dress for her to wear on her first day.

HPIM2182.jpg picture by JRock3x8

My little girl was so excited she nearly forgot her backpack, and she nearly knocked me over rushing back into the house to grab it. We posed for a few shots in the driveway and then started off.

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We left the house about 7:50am to get to school by 8:10am, when her class starts. I didn't really feel any pain or angst until we got to the crossing guard.

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Then it started to hit me how incredibly nervous I had been during every single one of my first days of school. But my little girl wasn't nervous - she was excited, nearly running ahead of us by 50 feet before we asked her to slow down. I've never seen a kid so happy and excited to go to school - it was fun to watch.

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Seeing the buses in front of the school made me remember all the "fun" times I had on school buses as a kid (and all the REALLY cold mornings).

Finally, we were at her door.

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Today, we were allowed inside to take her to the classroom. We will not be allowed to do that again.

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She posed for a few pics at her table and then we left unexpectedly.

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I turned to my wife in a panic - "That's it?!?" "That's it!" she replied with an annoying cheerful tone. "I didn't even get to say goodbye..." I said.

Then the most surprising thing happened when we got outside - my younger son started calling his sister's name over and over again and started bawling on my wife's shoulder. I was prepared for me and my wife to have issues with this, but not my son. He cried for about half the walk home and then he saw our neighbor standing at the corner and he immediately perked up and ran after him.

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All in all, it went much faster than I was prepared for and was much less ceremonious than I guess I had in mind. I was ready for a "walk her to the altar" type ceremony but I guess THAT pain will have to wait for another day. Someone pass me the kleenex.

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