Saturday, June 21, 2008



If you did not grow up in Chicago, you may not understand this so I will explain it to you. In Chicago, you are EITHER a Cubs fan OR you are a Sox fan. Only the lowest of the lowest scum on the face of the Earth "say" that they root for both teams. I personally find this disgusting.
I was raised in Roger's Park, Des Plaines, Mundelein and Glenview. My parents were Cub fans so that makes me a Cub fan by blood. I can be nothing else even if I wanted to. I tried my hardest to crack a smile when the Sox won the Series in 2005. All I got was a bad case of indigestion. There's civic pride and then there's sleeping with your sister and rooting for the White Sox is emphatically the latter.
Here's the rub. The woman I married? was raised in Kankakee (south). This makes her a White Sox fan, even though her late beloved Grandfather (God rest his wonderful soul) was a Cubs fan. She cheered and rubbed the 2005 Series victory in my face somewhat painfully. She even (gasp) bought a World Series Champion T Shirt. I'm not allowed to say the descriptive word that comes to mind to describe such an action, but it rhymes with itch. I love the woman dearly but bringing White Sox apparel into my house is like asking the Devil to stay for dinner.
Tonight, I, with my mighty sword, struck back decisively in my quest to win this battle.
I give you my inspired work of art, our daughter :

missing pic

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