Saturday, June 21, 2008

Strange Night

Strange Night
So last night I logged onto Gears of War with the Family - we had decided on the forums last night that it would be good to have a "Family" night on Gears. (Family being OMM, wife, kids, dog, etc optional) We all played like super noobs, with the exception of Gaius who was bustin' people up with his whiptacular pistol action grip. On one game, I was coming at him at a dead run, raised my arm to bury my frag into his skull and in the time it took me to raise my arm, he turned 90 degrees and fired a perfect shotgun blast right into my chest. Ouch.

So here's where it gets strange. I put the kids to bed, leaving my teammates to fight 3 on 4 for 10 minutes, and then I pour myself a glass of milk and sit down to finish the gaming (had a nice kill to finish off a 3on1 upon coming back). Now something was not tasting right with this milk but every once in a while our dishwasher doesn't rinse all that good so I kept drinking figuring it was just some residual odor on the cup. But the more I drank, the more I realized the milk was going sour, so I asked my wife to go return it (she had bought it that day) because that's the same milk the kids drink.

Just about the time she leaves, what had looked like a distant thunderstorm absolutely opens up a can on our block. Hail, Rain, Lightning Strikes by the bucketload, and crazy high winds. My wife got back with no (major) problems with a new gallon of milk and just as I duck my head into the kitchen to see if she's okay, a huge lightning flash occurs and our power flickers. I look at my 360 in horror as it is flashing 3 red lights. Oh noes!

It is just storming cats, dogs, cattle and sheep outside - sounds like nails hitting the roof. My wife and I go upstairs to check on our kids, figuring they've got to be freaking out. Nope, they're fast asleep. It rained so hard that water started seeping in underneath our front door. Zoiks! I run over to my laptop and flash a message to Big0ne telling him why I dropped out of the game. Power flickers again. Enough is enough. I shut down both of my laptops - don't want to lose those.

Now, here's the really weird part.

I wake up this morning and aside from the fact that we have no cable, internet or phone, everything is fine. Kids slept through it, 360 boots up just fine, no issues with either laptop, sump pump is running like a champ, no major tree damage in our backyard. But half a mile north of us looks like a tornado hit. Trees down everywhere - big fat ones. Even trees leaning across houses.

And I thought to myself - Thank You God for putting a little bubble over our house.

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