Saturday, June 21, 2008

LAN extras : Back at the Ranch

LAN extras : Back at the Ranch
Ok, my house is not a ranch but a tri-level.

Anyways, dkhodz stayed with me and I totally forgot in my LAN recap to say THANK YOU for the awesome bottle of wine he brought as a gift of gratitude for his stay. Very much appreciated, bro. My wife says that brand is on my grandfather's highly rated list which is a big deal since he drinks more wine than anyone I know (not at any one time, mind you).

Last but not least, dk opens up the fridge one morning and says with a mischievous grin, "Hey JRo, I notice you got some mac n cheese in there..." I say "oh no, that's not mac and cheese, that's SHELLS and cheese. THAT'S only for SPECIAL occasions!"

GOOD NIGHT! (er good day...whatever, you get the point!)

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